Be Informed⋆Empowered⋆Unstoppable!
Be Informed⋆Empowered⋆Unstoppable!

Hi there! I’m Sofia Roper.
I believe that behind every successful woman is herself. Driven by dreams, anchored in self-belief.

I’ve dedicated my life to igniting a passion for self-fulfillment in women around the globe. It wasn’t a path I consciously chose; rather, it was one that unfolded naturally, possibly rooted in my Austrian beginnings, where gender equality wasn’t just an ideal but a given. Witnessing women doubt their worth always spurred me into action, not just to speak up but to empower them to reshape their perspectives.

My journey took a pivotal turn in South Africa at seven. There, amidst its rich diversity, I found my calling in the fine craft of goldsmithing. By 23, I was not only designing jewelry but also forging a business, mentoring young women to master the trade and the art of entrepreneurship. Their success was a reflection of the potent mix of tenacity and skill—a true joy to behold.

“Sofia was a fantastic teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her, working with her and having her as my boss.” Catherine Zehrt


Relocating to San Diego in 2002, I reinvented myself once more, this time as a financial advisor, certified divorce planner, mediator, and women’s coach. My focus was on those in transition, and I found myself surprised by the stark contrasts in gender perception within American culture. I conducted workshops, teaching financial literacy, and emotional resilience through life’s inevitable shifts.

“Sofia is an exceptional Financial Planner. I chose her to be both my financial advisor and coach, because she understands that one’s psychological point of view fundamentally influences one’s financial decisions and to a greater extent one’s quality of life as well.” Selwyna Tetancgo

Years later, I found myself drawn to Oregon and subsequently Tennessee, where I fused my love for technology with business acumen, earning the affectionate title of ‘The Tech Whisperer.’ My role as a mentor evolved, guiding women to harmonize their beliefs with actionable strategies, crafting not just businesses, but lifestyles they adored.

“Sofia is the best technology consultant I’ve ever hired – I recommend her for any and all technological needs. She is incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, kind, patient and simply a joy to work with! Not only is she an expert in the field of technology consulting, she is also a superb and professional business woman with phenomenal consulting acumen. I deeply appreciated how focused she was while remaining warm and supportive – she is quite literally my go-to tech guru!” – Katrina Lempenski

Now, as the Chief of Staff in a dynamic New York staffing firm, I’m equally passionate about empowering women from my quiet Tennessee enclave. I cherish my family—my daughter and grandsons nearby, and my son and granddaughter across the ocean in South Africa, with connections to Austria, weaving us into a truly global family.

Through my diverse experiences, I’ve honed a distinct gift — the ability to distill complex concepts into clear, accessible insights. This skill is at the heart of everything I do, whether it’s in financial planning, business strategy, or personal development. It’s my goal to remove the clutter and complexity, making understanding and action achievable for everyone.

Through my life, I’ve come to know that pain is indeed an incisive teacher. My career may paint a picture of seamless success, but my personal life taught me the most profound lessons. Two divorces and a transformative relationship at 32 led me on a deep journey within. Here’s what I’ve unearthed:

  • We’re complex beings with layers unseen.
  • Our self-concept is but a sliver of our true selves.
  • Discernment is our greatest ally.
  • The relationship with oneself is the cornerstone of all else.
  • Seriousness and complexity often cloud the simplicity of life.
  • Our beliefs are the architects of our reality.

I established this blog to empower with knowledge, to share wisdom from around the web—including my own insights. It’s about power through understanding, not just for women, but for anyone who seeks it.

I invite you to join me in this conversation—send a message, connect on LinkedIn, subscribe to the SavvySpark and let’s unearth the potential that lies within us all.

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